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Created March 20, 1997; updated Jan. 25, 2005.

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Updated 25 / JAN / 2005.

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Dr. Ferdinand Porsche
The man who created a legend!

In 1938 Porsche tractors!

More Porsche farm tractors -- in Guards Red -- and posing with a red 911!
This was formerly on until Porsche kicked him out of his domain. If anybody knows of, or has a copy of the red tractor with the red 911 side by side, let me know. I believe the original picture is from a 911 owner in Sweden.

Porsche 944 World Community
On May 29, 1999, I set up an Excite Community where you may post messages and questions regarding the 924/944/951 series. Sign up, and help grow this area into a resource for present and future owners!

So, what's this? A domain with "Porsche" in its name after Porsche stomped all domains with "Porsche" in them into oblivion?? Turns out it's the only unofficial, yet Porsche-approved site on the web with "Porsche" in the domain name. One of the site sponsors is a Porsche dealership on the U.S. East Coast; this is probably why. The site is an all-Porsche portal, a search engine, classifieds area and link center. You can also get free email there so you can be Check it out.

The Complete WWW Porsche Home
Formerly "Waletail's Porsche Page", then relocated to, he got kicked out of his domain by the long arm of Porsche's legal department, and had to go back to his old URL. This site contains lots of info and images for all Porsche automobiles. It is probably one of the most-visited Porsche-only (but non-official Porsche) sites on the net.

Porsche Cars North America
The official Porsche North America website. Sorry, you will not find any pictures of 924/944/968 cars here. It's all 911 and Boxter.

The 944 FAQ Document
If you own a 924/944/968, you MUST have the FAQs!

Search on 'Porsche 944' in Deja News Postings
This link searches Deja News postings containing both words. Warning: results can be somewhat extensive...

PorscheFans Newsgroup
Alas, this early and informative discussion list finally went 404 in February, 1999. It was replaced by RennList.

RennList Newsgroup
Formally PorscheList (thanks to the heavy hand of Porsche's Legal Department) RennList is a great resource if you have a Porsche. Here, you can subscribe to the Porsche 924/944/951/968 newsgroups. There are also 911, 914, 928, Boxster and Porsche Racing lists. And an odd, bandwith burning "Flamers" list where anything goes.

Overall, within Rennlist you will find friendly advice, tons of practical info, and a place to ask questions about your car. From tires to timing belts, to "Pizza" nights and local "fun runs." One thing to keep in mind: before posting a question to the List, please search the extensive archives as a first step in answering your question(s). And in case you don't know, "renn" in German means "race" in English -- so race over and sign up!

Porsche at the 24 Hours of LeMans Race

"Dangerous. Gigantic. Wasteful. Just what you're looking for!"
The all-new Godzilla SUV! Personally, I HATE SUVs.

AutoZine is a great all-around automotive site by Mark Wan. is a site covering news and other automotive-related topics. There are road tests, buyer's guides, and tons of automotive-related images.

The Porsche 911 Story
The Porsche 911 Story, 34 years from beginning to "end" -- by Mark Wan. Well-researched and thoughtfully presented, this series of pages are part of his AutoZine site.

Click and Clack Talk Cars...a 944 in this case
A question about an '83 944 with oil in the coolant expansion tank. Every Porsche owner who has ever had to pay the bucks for maintenance should read this one. You'll chuckle, I'm sure... Especially at the fact that they missed the most common cause of this condition in their response!

The Physics of Racing Series
Discovered this site in late '97. It's a series of articles covering the essential physical principles involved in automobile racing. Especially interesting is the discussion of The Line. A must for every competitive driver, or just to add a little theory to your everyday driving practice. Articles written by Brian Beckman.

Charlie Kindel's Option Decoder
This is a very cool script. It returns a description of your Porsche's options by submitting the factory Option Code. His Porsche Page is cool, too.

Andrew Wilson's Porsche pages
A well designed site, with info and images of various Porsche models.
A visitor to 944 World back in 1999 who used some of the info here to buy a few 944's, then go on to start his own automotive business. Way to go, Brad!

Chris Young's Porsche 944T
Pictures of Chris' (Guards Red!) 944 Turbo, and Porsche-related links, now on his new server (as of August, 1998).

That's right. I was searching for 944 sites on 11/5/97 and found this site. Check out this picture of twin electric motors connected to the transaxle...wild....

Installing 944 Brakes on a VW Bug
I knew you were wondering how to do this...

Bill Shook's 944 Page
Bill was one of the first people (there have been many since 1996) who wrote to me and said how my 944 crash story helped them decide to buy a 944. Since Bill wrote me in the Summer of '97 he's only spun his 944 once (hehe, that we know of) to which I say... congratulations! He's since been into the 951 he bought after his first 944.

Eero Augustin's 944 Page
Eero is from from Finland, and has a page for his '84 944.

Adam Bush's 944 Page
This is Adam Bush's page for his Alpine White '83 944.

AutoThority Performance Chips
In 1993, this is where I bought the chip that's currently in my '84 944. In general, aftermarket chips don't do a lot in normally aspirated 944's.They raise the rev limiter and advance timing a little in the higher RPMs. Aftermarket chips do a lot more in the 944 turbo.

Retail store for Porsche enthusiast parts, tools, apparel, and more. They have a nice store in nearby Mountain View, CA, with friendly folk. I have a reciprocal link on their site.

American International Racing
Aftermarket body conversion kits for 924, 944, and 911 Porsches.

Golden Gate Region PCA
My local PCA chapter.

OK, so it's officially "Daimler-Chrysler" now...

The Air Conditioning Information Server
Everything you ever wanted to know about how the A/C in your car works!

Oxygen Sensors
After you've read up on A/C, go here to learn about O2 sensors; I found this page very informative.

Lubricant notes from Redline
A page of really technical stuff from a Redline chemist about viscosity, heat transfer, coefficient of friction modifiers and more. Covers greases, coolants, gear oils, fossil vs. synthetic oils, and phomblin (you do know what phomblin is, don't you?)

Modern synthetic lubricants for engine oil applications
All about synthetic oils and why they are better than dead dinosaur juice. Written by Richard G. Golembiewski, P.E.

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil
In case you haven't had enough on the topic, check out this article, written by Ed Hackett.

Oil Additives
Useful stuff, or snake oil? Read it for yourself and decide. I used to think additives might be worth something, but after reading about it here, I'm not so sure!

The Society of Automotive Engineers
The ultimate association of motor gear heads, from my old hometown, Detroit, Michigan.

A Few Race Tracks:

Sears Point International Raceway

Watkins Glen International

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Daytona International Speedway

Martinville Speedway

Other Motorsports Sites:

NHRA Online
Fire, smoke, and nitromethane. Over 300 MPH in the quarter mile. Zero to 100 MPH in ONE SECOND. Yes, it's the National Hot Rod Association!

If somebody races it, these guys cover it! NASCAR, Formula 1, NHRA, Stocks, IRC, Outlaws, Sprint...everything! All the news, schedules, and point standings. There's also a multimedia area with lots of dynamic content, like nitromethane under-the-hood, exploding ram intake fuel fireballs!

Some of the Web Pages I've Created:

My personal home website, with some info on computer consulting and links to a few of the 300+ web pages i have created since 1996..

Bill's 944 World
The home page gateway to a great web site, dedicated to a great car... And now (2000), it is the oldest 944 enthusiast site on the net, after the 944 FAQ document maintained by Kevin Gross.

944 Turbo Dyno Curves
Porsche 944 Turbo Dyno Curves, submitted by Denny Voss. Shows different dynomometer results for three 944 Turbos, each with slightly different modifications.

Bill's Author Links Page
Links to most of the articles I have written for PC World and Macworld magazines, reviewing personal and workgroup printers.
I'm not 100% sure what I'll do with this site, but it could end up being a San Francisco Bay Area portal for movies, shopping, resturant reviews, Virtual Reality tours of real estate, historical and other places of interest.

Bill's Writing Page
A (very) loose collection of writings, musings, and stories of my wanderings.

Bill's Comet Hale-Bopp page
The comet is gone, but the pages remain.

Bill's Cats Page
"Cats Luv Porsches!" A page of the felines in my life. And yes they have always loved my cars.

Flood '98 La Honda/San Gregorio Page
Pictures and captions about the "100-year flood" we experienced on Feb 2nd and 3rd, 1998. People lost cars, trucks, trailers, homes and sheds to little local creeks that became raging torrents of destruction.

Rancho San Gregorio Bed & Breakfast
A local bed & breakfast, about a mile down the road from me...recently (as of 1/30/99) I've got them moved to their own domain name.

Jackson Arms
A local retail gunshop and indoor shooting range in the San Francisco Bay area. In the course of putting together their website, I managed to get pretty good at firing a .45 one-handed during my visits there.

1997 La Honda Craft Fair and Music Festival
This annual event is fun, and 1997 was no different...

1998 La Honda Craft Fair and Music Festival
And the 1998 fair was a great time too!

1998 Summer O' Love Music Festival
I missed the actual event, I was at another lovefest, but I did their webpage.

The Merry Prankster Cafe
The restaurant in the local town of La Honda, CA, celebrating some locals of long ago: The Merry Pranksters, that 1960s - early 70s band of future-culturists led by Ken Kesey and associates of Hunter S. Thompson, The Grateful Dead, and other icons of the era. Ken Kesey found this website (while it was still active) and asked to visit in The Bus. We said "Sure."

La Honda Creations Craft Gallery
A craft gallery with all kinds of unique creations, all by local artisans of the North Santa Cruz Mountains.

Apple Jack's Inn
Over a century ago, it was a blacksmith shop. For the last few decades, it's been a (very) rustic bar in La Honda, CA, tucked away in the redwood forest nine miles from the Pacific, between San Francisco and San Jose.

Large & In The Way
"An All-Meat Band!" These are some sick and perverted guys. In a nice way, of course...

Mark Reid Band
One of our favorite, local La Honda bands. I design and print their cassette and CD cover artworks.

Gary Gates Band
Another of our favorite coastside bands. I also created their cassette cover artwork.

Holland Studios
The Art of Rebecca Holland. Rebecca has been painting the California redwoods and seashore for almost 30 years. She also does rock n' roll art for Neil Young and others.

X-FAB Fabrication & Racing
Where much of the work on my '84 Porsche rebuild happened. Too bad they don't work on street cars anymore.

Close to the Edge at Bryce Canyon
Me and an ex-girlfriend at Bryce Canyon. If you stand where we were in this photo, a ranger with a gun chases you away. No kidding. For what I went through with this girl later, somebody shoulda' shot me to spare me the anguish!

Hewlett Packard's Mass Spectrometry Page
A link page to HP's Mass Spectrometry products.

The Hewlett-Packard Esquire LC product
Quick, can you say "Liquid Chromatograph"?

Hewlett Packard 1100 Series LC/MSD
A Liquid Chromatograph/Mass Selective Detector.

Hewlett Packard 5973 MSD
A Mass Selective Detector.

Hewlett Packard GCD Plus
A Gas Chromatagraph Detector.

HP ChemAccess Information Management Software
ChemAccess Software Page.

HP ChemStore Information Management Software
ChemStore Client/Server Software Page.

Other places of interest to me:

Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity
My engineering fraternity. I was member #178 at the Iota Beta chapter, at The University of Detroit, where I got my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering.

Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
On May 3, 1997, Garry Kasparov faced off against an enhanced version of IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer, in the start of a six-game rematch. This time around, he got his butt kicked. For the first time ever, a human International Grand Master was beat by a machine in the ancient game of chess. If you have a Java-capable browser, check out the Java play-by-play animations.

Text-To-Speech Over the Internet page
The text-to-speech page at Bell Labs. Type some text, select a voice, and submit it. The page reads your text back to you, using a computer generated voice. Mac owners who have used the Text-To-Speech extensions will find this familiar.

The OSI 7-Layer Model and Taco Bell
I found this one entertaining. The first paragraph from this page: "Back in the 1980's, when all music sucked and men dressed like fags, a bunch of sissy Europeans got together in a passionate effort to overstandardize computer networking. They created this thing called the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) networking suite. Anyone who has taken a CS (Computer Science) or CIS (Computer Information Systems) course knows this; they cram this fact down the student's throat from day freaking one. It is only when the student enters the real world do they realise that the OSI seven layer model is a sham."

National Computer Security Association
The National Computer Security Association. Lots of info and links about computer and web site security.

CDA Ruled Unconstitutional!
"As a matter of constitutional tradition, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, we presume that governmental regulation of the content of speech is more likely to interfere with the free exchange of ideas than to encourage it. The interest in encouraging freedom of expression in a democratic society outweighs any theoretical but unproven benefit of censorship." -- Justice John Paul Stevens, U.S. Supreme Court, June 26, 1997

The NASA homepage

NASA's daily newsletter
The very latest NASA news.

Shuttle Countdown Page
Everything leading up to a shuttle launch -- including live video feeds from the launch pad.

Mars Pathfinder Mirror Sites Hats off and applause for JPL! Not only are they doing great things exploring space, but their stuff WORKS: Pathfinder was shot at Mars on a direct, no-orbit course. On July 4th, 1997, it hit the thin Mars atmosphere, put out the 'chutes, and then bounce-landed on huge airbags before it rolled to a stop. A first -- and it all worked perfectly. Next, the rover woke up and drove off the lander, taking pictures and analyzing Martian soil and rocks -- another first. The Pathfinder lander was supposed to work for 30 days; instead, it lasted 83 days before the batteries apparently died in the cold Martian night. The rover is probably still riding around on solar power, trying to radio the lander...

The Lunar Prospector Mission
After 25 years, we return to the Moon. A perfect launch, a perfect lunar orbit entry burn, and as of January 14th, everything is on schedule and working near-perfect for the year-long mission. One of Prospector's goals is to discover if, and how much, frozen water exists on the Moon. During the later part of the mission, Prospector's engines will adjust its orbit so it cruises just six miles above the surface. That's the typical altitude flown by Earth's commercial jets. The mission is being controlled just over "the hill" from me, at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA.

As of June, 1999, the craft had completed its mission and is scheduled to be crashed into a spot on the Moon where it will hopefully liberate water vapor, which will be detected from Earth-based instruments.

Satellite Imagery Tutorial
This is a basic introduction to satellite image interpretation on a computer from the U.S. Navy's Naval Research Laboratory in Monterey, CA. Topics include image enhancement, image overlays, zoom, remapping into a standard projection, and image color. The tutorial uses one visible image from the polar-orbiting NOAA-11 AVHRR instrument from February 10, 1991, and depicts smoke escaping from recently-ignited oil wells in Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War.


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